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Guy Personal Defense

Murfreesboro TN 37129 US

Guy Personal Defense

TCA§36-6-626; 39-17-1308a; 39-17-1365

Authorizes a person who has petitioned the court and is granted an order of protection, ex parte or otherwise, the ability to carry a handgun for 21 calendar days after the order of protection is granted if the individual legally owns the firearm and they have a copy of the order of protection on their person. A person who is granted an order of protection may also apply for a temporary handgun carry permit from the department of safety within 21 days after the order of protection is granted. A person who does not apply for the temporary handgun permit within 21 days shall not be authorized to carry a handgun under this law once 21 days has elapsed since the issuance of the order of protection. To be eligible to receive a temporary permit from the department, the person must apply in person on a temporary handgun carry permit application developed by the department, include a certified copy of the order of protection, provide proof of identity and residency, and meet all other qualifications for the issuance of a handgun carry permit. Prior to issuing the permit, the department of safety shall conduct a name-based criminal history check upon receiving the application. The temporary permit shall be valid for 60 days and shall only be valid in Tennessee and may be issued as a letter to the applicant without the applicant’s photograph.