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Guy Personal Defense

Murfreesboro TN 37129 US

Guy Personal Defense

Pre-Shooting Insurance


There is some companies selling this " Pre-Shooting Insurance ". Please DO NOT BUY it. It is just a way for them to get your hard-earned money. But if you feel that you want it. Ask the sales rep these questions. Make them answer each one in writing before you sign.

T.C.A. 39-11-611, 39-17-1322 & 29-34-201 (c) provides criminal and civil immunity in the event you are in a justifiable shooting in Tennessee.

Here is some questions to ask them and get it in writing.

1. Do they cover ALL expenses (attorney fees, attorney employee costs, costs for expert witness, cost of independent ballistic testing, hotel fees, court costs, filing costs, etc.) related to your case?

2. Will they cover a bail money (no matter what the cost is) if you are arrested?

3. Do they reserve the right to cancel your contract for any or no reason at all?

4. If you are found guilty in a court of law. Will they file ALL appeals and cover ALL costs related to your case?

5. Will they cover ALL costs, including any damages (no matter what the cost is ) if you are found guilty in a civil suit?

6. Do you get to choose your own attorney? Or do they reserve the right to choose for you? Will this attorney be local or in another state?

7. If you are in a shooting and charged with murder. How far are they willing to go so you will be protected and not spend life in prison?

8. How many cases have they lost in a court of law?

9. How many civil lawsuits have they lost and how much damages did they pay out?

10. How many cases have they taken to the appeals court after their client was found guilty in a court of law? How many did they win and how many did they lose?

11. If you are involved in a shooting and you shoot an innocent bystander, Will they provide you with legal protection, including a civil lawsuit?

12. If you are involved in a shooting and you damage or destroy private property, Will they protect you in a civil case and pay all damages?

13. If you're traveling are they going to cover you in whatever state you happen to be in?

This post is only designed to get you to ask questions and get to the truth. If after asking these questions and you still feel the need to sign. Then by all means do. After all, it is your money.

Ask them to not only show you cases that they won but more importantly, have them show you cases that they either cancelled or lost in a court of law. Surely, they cannot have a 100% winnings.

Make sure to get it in writing before you sign up.